Deeply Buried Facilities

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Deeply Buried Facilities PDF –  deeply buried facilities

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7/02/2017…President Trump

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A couple of days ago I was asked the question, “Does Donald Trump think he’s a Dictator?” The short answer…No, not in the least. The long answer: He is a Business man, first…

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16 > 17/01/2017…

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Busker.   A battered and scarred Guitar strung tightly across his back, faded and torn army surplus jacket beneath, covering a tattered blue-check shirt, all hanging loosely on this unwashed surviv…

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Summer is here…17/12/2016

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Cars are rushing about, traffic is heavy. I pull up at the traffic lights with a loud hiss of air-brakes and wait for the green light to flash “go”. It is late afternoon, mid-December a…

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So you see now I know,

I know now how to see


I plumb the depths,

For gold I seek.



Know now that I see,

I see now that you would know,

Know now why I flee

into the vacuous great vastness of…




You say you think you see.

I am alive but always need proof.

I have plunged into our living sea,

Only to discover the truth


… I am no longer free.

Love sci fi movies? Want to learn how to write a screenplay that makes you look like an expert scifi script writer? Then read on. What is sci fi? Sci-fi scripts rely heavily on building a non-exist…

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After reading several of my News Feeds, a broad selection of mainstream and alternative News and Current affairs sites, (having been culled somewhat since the recent revelations of favoured Democra…

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